- Quality repairs on Pre-War, Post-War, MPC, Modern Era Lionel

   and MTH Electric Trains
- Proto 2 and TMCC upgrades performed in-house
- Original Parts used when available
- Same day service in most cases!
- Sub-contract service to dealers*


Reset Code

To use these codes, you must follow these steps:
-- With the engine on the track and the PROG/RUN switch in the program position. Turn the track power on to 20 volts.

-- On the Cab-1 hand held remote press ENG + # # + SET + ENG + # # + AUX1 + Program Code (Chart below)

-- Take the engine off the track and slide the switch back to run, let it sit for about 30 seconds.

-- Place the engine back on the track, address the appropriate engine number and you're ready to run.

-- Below is a chart of reset codes specific to Lionel Command Controlled locomotives. These reset codes are to be used when resetting the engine's ID number.

Steam engines with Signal Sounds
Diesel engines with Signal Sounds
Diesel engine with cab light and signal sounds, all Legacy diesel engines
Steam engine with smoke, Pioneer Zephyr, M10000
Diesel engine with strobe light, GP-7, GP-9, GP-20, Crew Talk Cabooses, S1 Electric, Missile Launch Engines
Diesel engine with cab light , PB-1 with Rail sounds, FT's, F3's w/ Pullmor Motors, Veranda Turbine, Station Sounds Passenger Cars
All Diesel engines with smoke, Scale GG-1, BB-1, BB-3 Electrics
6-2800 Series Hudson and Pacific's, Small K-4's, Shays
Alco PA-1 (from 1997, Santa Fe NYC)
SD-40 UP 6-18273
All engines with Wireless Tether including American Flyer Mikado.
Note: For J1-e Sante Fe Warhorse Hudson's see below
Soo Line SD60 (6-18232)
J-1e NYC Hudson, Santa Fe J-1e Hudson (Warhorse set - both engine and tender must be on the track)
Conrail Dash-8, 1999 (6-18240), 1999 Centennial SD-40 (6-18585)
BNSF Dash-9 (6-18235)

NOTE: The reset code tells the command receiver which features are present in the engine. For example, if the engine has a strobe light, smoke unit, tender light, Interior light, etc. If in doubt, check the instruction manual that came with your engine for the correct Reset Code to use.

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